Sunday, March 23, 2014

Are We Our Brother's Keeper?

When looking at the actions and discriminatory behavior of Fundamentalist Christians and other such people, there's a question that I sometimes ask myself.  Are we, liberal and progressive Christians, responsible for what they do?  Several liberal and progressive Christians might disagree with my answer to this question.  I'm going to answer this question by asking a question.  In the gospels, when the Pharisees are oppressive and hateful in the name of God and their faith, what does Jesus do?  Does Jesus stand idly by and watch?  Does he go to the people that they're being hateful and bigoted towards and say "not all of them are like me?"  Does he walk away and pretend it isn't happening?  Does he do any of that, or does he stand up against the Pharisees and give comfort to those they've hurt?

This may be hard for some Christians to accept, but it is part of our responsibility to stand up for the oppressed and help those in need.  When most of this oppression is being caused by our fellow Christians, we should definitely take action.  This viewpoint may de-convert just as many people from Christianity as hypocrisy has.  This might be hard to accept or embrace.  However, following Jesus' teachings doesn't simply mean standing idly by while people are being oppressed.  It doesn't mean letting hatred and oppression continue.  It means helping the victims out.  Showing loving acts of kindness.

When mentioning this idea to non-Christians, many have said that we shouldn't feel responsible for the behavior and actions of Fundamentalists.  Some have added that we are much more Christ-like than they are.  However, as kind as their words are, we shouldn't let our faith become as corrupted as it has.

There are so many things we can do.  Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented was created as a way of taking responsibility for the actions of these Christians.  We can openly express our sympathy to the victims of our fellow Christians, as well as speak against these other Christians.  Primarily, articles have been written against them, criticizing them.  However, we can also write letters to some of these Christians, pleading with them to stop the hatred, but it is best to do that in a loving way.  Many of these actions might have little to no effect, but it's a start.

One thing to remember is that we should always do things with a loving heart and compassionate heart, as hard as it can sometimes be.

~Robin (co-administrator for Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented)

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  1. Robin - this is a timely word. Thanks for challenging me! :)